Your Insurance, Water Damage And You!

Your Insurance, Water Damage And You!

By Bruce Bowen

Did you know that regular homeowners insurance does not cover most of the types of water damage that may occur in your home? With that said, you may find it necessary for you to discuss any available options with your insurance provider before you have issues on your property.  

It is sad to see homeowners surprised by additional costs associated with water damage in their home when they do not have the proper coverage for problems that regularly occur in their area. You should always get help with water issues that occur immediately; waiting can lead to additional damages that you insurance company simply does not cover.

Your insurance might cover the damages caused by a sudden overflow from your dishwasher. However, if you have what seems like a slow leak from a pipe or plumbing fixture, it becomes classified as an unresolved maintenance issue, leaving you accountable for the bill.

On the same topic, your insurance company might pay for the costs associated with removing and repairing the damaged floor, but the replacement of the washing machine that caused the problem is usually up to you. Hopefully, you have an extended warranty with the company that sold it to you. If not, it becomes something you have to replace yourself.

Sewer backups are also not typically covered by a traditional insurance policy. As a homeowner, you should install backflow valves, and sump pumps to prevent such issues, or purchase an addition to your policy that protects you against these problems, or both. A local water damage restoration company can install the valve, submersible pump, and any additional drainage necessary to prevent these issues.

All homes are susceptible to flooding, never assume you are safe. You need to discuss flooding coverage with your insurance company and contact a qualified restoration company for ways to protect your home against flooding. Storms, ground water, overflowing, surges, faulty plumbing, and appliances all lead to flooding that causes devastating damage to your home.

Take my advice and get the protection you deserve today. A local restoration company can provide you with the services necessary to protect your household and personal belongings, today.


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