Ceiling, Floor, And Wall Cleaning In Alabama

Ceiling, Floor, And Wall Cleaning In Alabama

By Bruce Bowen

Maintaining a clean indoor atmosphere requires constant cleaning. Surfaces throughout your home can become welcome mats for all types of soil. Three surfaces that remain ever-present are your walls, ceilings, and floors. Just as air-borne particles can become attached to these surfaces, air currents can also reverse the process and whisk them back into the air, producing slight but ongoing odors.

Outdoor contamination can add to the amount of soiling these surfaces might sustain. Automotive exhaust, pollen, and dust enter your home and end up deposited here and there. Professional cleaning technicians quickly rid hard surfaces of these particles.

All surfaces must be free of anything that is not attached to them. Everything on walls needs taking down until the walls have dried. Photographs, posters, curtains, and drapes cannot remain in their normal locations during the process. Cleaning of ceilings requires that furniture is taken out of the area, also. After completion of these precautions, a drop cloth is put into place to protect the floor.

Areas with typical soiling receive a patterned cleaning, in a back and forth manner, by a spray-on cleanser. After spraying, non-porous surfaces are wiped clean with a continuously rinsed sponge. It is easier to work small, squarish areas at a time instead of longer ones. Overlap does not present a problem between one section to another, as they are spotless and dry when the technicians finish.

Heavily soiled areas receive intensive cleaning. When finished, no staining should be visible unless truly permanent. The utmost care is taken to ensure that degradation of the surface does not occur. For hard, durable surfaces, a brush can work wonders, but on softer surfaces such as drywall, it can seriously damage the area. Special sponges are more suited for areas near wall switches and other places where stains build up over time. 

Flooring must also receive appropriate cleaning measures to protect from a build-up of debris. Depending on your flooring type, regular carpet cleaning, wood flooring care, or even deep cleaning and oiling of brick flooring, can protect your floors by removing destructive debris.

To keep your home looking as fresh and beautiful as possible, a professional cleaning company can help remove the dirt and other particulates that make your home seem dingy and dusty.







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